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Order Personalized Pens


Ordering personalized metal pens as a gift to a family member, friend, or for a corporate event is a timeless and personal gesture. For this reason, low minimum pens are appropriate gifts for any occasion. Be it a birthday, milestone achievement, retirement, or as an extra special prize. For this reason, selecting the right low minimum pens is essential in making the gifts worthwhile. To ensure the information that you have read about personalized pens fast.


Often when ordering cheap personalized pens in bulk, you confront variables including type of ink, colors, functionality, quantity, and even a pen's lifespan. Below are five guidelines to help you through the process.


Tip # 1 Type of Ink


Consider whether you need to order gel, ballpoint, or rollerball pens. If you are looking for executive pens, the best option is to go for high quality gel or rollerball engraved metal pens. As such, these pens glide smoothly on paper creating an elegant look and feel. Rollerball or gel pens are the perfect option for contract signatures. On the other hand, ballpoint pens are ideal for documentation, as they need a firm press and adhere more solidly to carbon copies.


Tip # 2 Colors


It is important, when choosing pen colors, to go with a color that matches your logo. Majorities of personalized pens are single colored; however, some may allow you to capture your brand's essence through a pen's ink or barrel. For example, choosing a red colored pen is great where your target is in education or finance.


Tip # 3 Function


For versatility, consider going for multi-function personalized pens. These types are available in combinations such as pen/pencil, differently colored highlighter pens, sticky note, or flag dispensing pens. For tech-savvy promotions, opt for silicon tipped pens for writing, sketching, or drawing on touch screens. Get attached to us now and learn some lesson about the personalized pens no minimum.


Tip # 4 Quantities


It is a shame running out of promotional pens midway through a promotion or when a lot of people show interest. Using a general design on your low minimum pens can help you avoid running out of pens fast. In this way, you can give pens out to whomever or whenever you are at the time.


Tip # 5 Pen's Lifespan


Personalized promotional metal pens are your brand ambassadors. As such, you should avoid ordering pens that dry out of ink quickly. Where this happens, it will have your business looking cheap as well as affect your brand's stickiness factor. As a result, stick to brands that offer users considerable service before running out ink, to maximize your brand's value and reach.